The Sky Down Huka Falls

“The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

At last the chilling days and gloomy clouds passed away. Our last day in Taupo had been blessed with a beautiful grand day. We went for a country drive and visit this busy tourist hub called the Huka Falls.

“There’s beauty in the silver singing river, There’s beauty in the sunrise in the sky, But none of these and nothing else can match the beauty, That I remember in my true love’s eyes”~Bob Dylan quotes (American folksinger, b.1941)

“We’d never know how high we are, till we are called to rise; and then, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the sky”~Emily Dickinson quotes (American Poet who has been called the New England mystic, 1830-1886)

I feel sorry for these blokes who missed out the beauty hanging above their heads. Their focus is mainly down the water

rushing in loud roaring thunder and gushing down to Waikato River.


Waikatu River, New Zealand

“Beauty is a primeval phenomenon, which itself never makes its appearance, but the reflection of which is visible in a thousand different utterances of the creative mind, and is as various as nature herself.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quotes (German Playwright, Poet, Novelist and Dramatist. 1749-1832)

Part of the long Waikato River

Before we proceeded to Huka Falls, we stopped by this River – the longest Waikato River of the North Island of New Zealand.

Where glory is found in commonplace
And calm rivers lay a carpet to rest
Knowing where peace hides away from cares
Here, there’s no trouble but silence bares.

~@lcd, all rights reserved
13 November 2009