Parts and Parcel of the Quay

Must be out-of-doors enough to get experience of wholesome reality, as a ballast to thought and sentiment. Health requires this relaxation, this aimless life.~Henry David

under the quay

west end of the quay called The Rocks taken above the Railway

the east wing overlooking Northern Sydney area with Woolloomooloo in the foreground, home to Naval Defense Base

dining Al Fresco anyone? This is the under basement restaurants of the Sydney Opera House

the way down to the basement restaurants – pick your choice

walkway side restaurant towards Sydney Opera House

I was feeling bored and restless. I decided to do random gallivanting and ended up this way called Circular Quay. That was last Saturday!

Alas, my wallet was left at home so I missed out dining in my favourite Bistro under the Opera House. Food there is somewhat expensive but it’s worth the value for a nice yummy meal.

I feel comfortable eating there as no one knows me and therefore I can either gobble up quick or take bite after bite at long minutes interval each bite. I do take my time while others are in a hurry to catch up the show whatever time they booked.

Servers are friendly and they always follow the mess if you accidentally make any and even fill your empty glass if you need another drink.

Bon appetit!