Come Away with Me

Oberon Plateau

I’d been to the the country
where nature’s landscape
richly sprawl with awe!

There verdant hills
were coming down the slopes;
and green meadows said hello
to the valley down below.

The glen heard voices
from a nearby plateau
herds of cows and sheep and mountain goats
foraging grasses and chewing their cuds
forever going and never stopping
from daylight to twilight;
a never ending task.

There mountains also climbed to glory
joyful of white clouds
descending from the skies;
Kissing the mountain peaks tenderly,
their wholesome escape from the blue.

The rocks were bold, big and strong
Frontier of tempests and storms
They held firm the trees down to their roots
Where all the birds took shelter and rest;
Undeterred from a lightning thrust.

On the summit, its scale did pave a way
where I viewed the radiant jasper sea
dazzling with treasures from afar.
I saw the gentle waves softly rushed ashore
as cool mountain fair breeze
shook my  childhood  memories
from home far away.

Come away with me.
Let’s slip away to that country
to a new existence:
simple but meaningful;
where nature is calm
and sense of belonging is strong.

Let’s look at the moon and the stars
who can tell us great stories
of some happy places
such as a river meeting
the sea at the gate
while the lark listens
to the ocean at our doorstep.

At a slower pace
in resplendent steps.
A simple life can be,
with a thankful heart is, free.
Come away with me
To that country far away.

@lcd, australia
14 April 2011