Postcards from Washington DC

In dedication to our beloved Auntie Carol Hewer of Oxford, England. oxoxoxoxo


Me and the White House


A quaint figure flanked by cherry blossoms

Two souvenir postcards I brought home from Washington DC Hilton Hotel. Purchased from the hotel’s Duty Free Shop at the culmination of the International Society of Poets Convention held in August 2005. It was at the height of summer and very hot! I thought I had enough of that nagging discomfort from Australia so instead of going with the group on tour to see these interesting places on top of the others, I decided to pack up and go to North Carolina to visit friends. So I missed the opportunity of seeing the White House but I did not regret it.

Here’s the picture of Washington DC I took  from the eight floor of Hilton Hotel where I stayed. Unfortunately, I did not get around much to the main shopping mall as I only had  limited days of stay at the hotel. When I checked out, it was straight to Greyhound Terminus to catch the bus service to North Carolina. It was cool traveling to that part of the State on my own stopping over in Richmond, Virginia for a changed service to North Carolina.

Washington DC taken from Hilton Hotels vantage point of view

Washington DC taken from Hilton Hotel's vantage point of view

It was in this hotel where the poetry convention was held and I got to see Tony Orlando in person. He and his wife had a lovely teamwork when they sang songs together and we, the audience, also sang along with them especially the Tie A Yellow Ribbon and Obladi-Oblada. We had two fantastic Gala Nights. I love the experience of traveling to see Uncle Sam and back. It was a very lonely flight though, but that’s life. C’est la vie!

Oh, by the way, I celebrated my 55th birthday over there the next day I arrived Washington DC. A lone celebration away from my world down the southern hemisphere. I had my children’s birthday greetings I read while I was there. I wore the nice birthday dress they gave me at the convention. Very sad being far away from them, but again, C’est la vie!