ISP Medal

August 19-21, 2005, Wash DC, Hilton Hotel

Sentimental Journey

From Morphing Words in poetry

‘Tis incredible beyond measure
Life’s a secret made unfold
Behold the mystery unknown
When time reveals in sweet candour
Pure, sublime – a goal with valour.

The road is not an easy one
To tread along till travels end
Its groove too many; it’s rough, it’s tough
Its sordid scars claim sore defeat.

Trials shape courage and patience
Heaving meekness, spirit buoyed
Forging on, fortitude commands
Life is fearless, endurance proves
To those that master strength forebear.

Journey is adventure far advanced
Unplugged, emblazoned to its height
The goal in sight to fathom light
While dream soars high, the spirit drifts.
Here and then, the sentimental journey ends.

Copyright2005@LCD, All rights reserved

Author’s Note: This was written in Washington DC during the ISP Convention. My personal story of such a long tumultous journey that I have survived. The photo of this poem is the aerial view of California on my way back home from Washington DC.


A dash of clouds

..Again with my humble 4.0 pixels Canon digicam, this picture was
taken sometime in May 2007. I was viewing the ocean from the balcony at
Whale Beach when I looked over my right shoulder, this scenic skyline
captured my interest.


Sweet Zephyr in the Blue

A different Koala

The highest focus I could get for that white clouds behind the fork branches. Sorry, there’s no koala in this ghost gum tree.

The Hill End Road where I used to wait for my bus going to Blacktown to catch a bus to the city or Doonside Railway Station to catch a train.

Bit of watermark stain from the bus window.

Drift along with the blue sky.

Quakers Hill, a suburb within a suburb, part of Blacktown, located in western Sydney. The photographs above were taken one drab autumn morning during my trip to the Northern Beaches. Quakers Hil is one of the most arid parts outside the city, where water restriction was placed on high that particular year I took these snapshots.

Faces of Sunrise

The sky is the daily bread of the eyes. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Summer Sunrise over at Clifton Grove in Orange at 5.26

Autumn Sunrise at 6.50 in Richmond Road, Quakers Hill

Different Time Frame taken in the city (picture below) and the country (picture above).


Glorious Sky

A pre-ANZAC Day Australian Sky taken at lunch time over in Jarvis Bay, NSW 25th January 2009

Tempest of the Sea

The face of the sea one October morning, this year over at The Lake Entrance, NSW

A Memento from Auntie Margaret

September 30, 2002

Derbyshire, England from Mrs Adair of Belfast, Ireland

A beautiful card of Chatsworth, Derbyshire, England sent by Auntie Margaret when she returned to Belfast, Ireland after attending the FOT 2002 in England. What a wonderful memento to receive from her. I was really feeling highly honoured.

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