In The Bush

Donned in robe on a chilly breaking of dawn,
I sneaked out from my room,
while everybody was still asleep.
Here I watched in silence
as the day slowly came forth from darkness.
I savored the country’s stillness
to find solitude,
feeling at peace with my soul.

When sunrise finally burst out from the east,
the clouds formed a prismatic filter
for the light to diffuse in the sky.

The beams were gladly received
by the clouds. And darkness paved
way for the light to prevail.
Soft cool breeze
was next to loveliness
and kissed my grateful spirit;
its own expression of gratitude
that someone like me would rise up
to watch the sky from dawn to light.

Such richness can only be viewed on the farm,
Complete with hays, cows and sheep.
When I shifted my focus,
I saw this flock of sheep
I softly bleated to call their attention.
Then they turned around,
bleated back to me and stood still
To watch me bade them goodbye.
~@lcd, all rights reserved
May 26, 2009

Grand Day

At last the chilling days
and gloomy clouds passed away.
Our last day in Taupo had been blessed
with a beautiful grand day.
~@lcd, all rights reserved
12 November 2009

River of Silence

Where glory is found in commonplace
And calm rivers lay a carpet to rest
Knowing where peace hides away from cares
Here, there’s no trouble but silence bares.
~@lcd, all rights reserved
13 November 2009


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