A Speck in the Sky

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” ~Anton Chekhov

A Speck in the Sky

While the west proudly shows forth the sunset, the east brings its own glory far away up high in the sky; the moon at its speck like a dot on the horizon.

Same place at the outback, delightfully watching the sky after dinner. (31 July 2012).



My Kingdom

My kingdom in all the land is known
Decks with arches; rainbow rites
Flowing fountain of running streams
Landscape of nature beauty praise.
Beds of roses in courts parade
Wall of daisies curtsy fade
Hanging ivy; jasmine spreads
Ferns are ornates; lilies breed.
Plots of blooms with colour displayed.
Tiers; terraces in sunken frayed.
Shrubs on the grounds covered lace
Thymes and tiny dainties glazed.
My kingdom rests on hills and plains:
Calm, peace and sweet serene.
Daily showers host its guests
Crowned me crimson, green and gold.

Copyright@2006 lcd
Written in my Dreamtime
January 23, 2006

Postcard from Vicky of Sandakan, Malaysia

Note to Sourav

I have just visited my blog and I found your comment to my New Zealand Postcard which I believed must be intended for the Flora and Fauna. I do appreciate your kind comment to this post, but I accidentally have deleted it.

I am not so familiar in this ground I have ventured treading in. So please if you come around, you will be most welcome to comment again.

My apology.

The Natives of New Zealand

Native Birds of New Zealand, the most reknown is Kiwi, the center bottom with the egg

Native Birds of New Zealand, the most reknown is Kiwi, the center bottom with the egg

Top – left to right:Tui (P. Holden), Bellbird, Wood Pigeon
Bottom – left to right: Kea (P. Marath), Kiwi, Red Crown Parakeet

Tui is one of the finest songsters in the New Zealand Forest. Identified by the while feathers at its throat.
Bellbird is so named because of its bell-like call.
Wood Pigeon – a beautiful plumaged bird once formed a staple item of early Maori food.
Kea, a New Zealand Mountain Parrot which lives above the forest line and is well known by trampers for its comical antics and inquisitive nature.
Kiwi – New Zealand’s national bird, the flightless Kiwi is seldom seen in daylight, preferring to forage for its food at night in dense forest.
Red Crown Parakeet – are rare on mainland New Zealand, normally found on offshore islands living in the native bush.

Do you ne’er think what wondrous beings these? Do you ne’er think who made them, and who taught The dialect they speak, where melodies Alone are the interpreters of thought? Whose household words are songs in many keys, Sweeter than instrument of man e’er caught! – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ~Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTales of a Wayside Inn–The Poet’s Tale–The Birds of Killingworth

Native Flowers of New Zealand

Native Flowers of New Zealand

Top – left to right: Kakabeak, Kowhai, Clematis
Bottom – left to right: Kakabeak, Ponga Frond, Rata

Little things seem nothing, but they give peace, like those meadow flowers which individually seem odorless but all together perfume the air. ~Georges Bernanos