With Wings That Are Free

“Birds have wings; they’re free; they can fly where they want when they want. They have the kind of mobility many people envy.” ~Roger Tory Peterson

With Wings That Are Free

On our way out to the outback, we stopped at a local cafe in Manildra, NSW for an old-fashioned or traditional breakfast with coffee, toast, fried eggs and sausages. Taken last 31 July 2012 with Wendy.



Gospel on Trees

“God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars.” ~Martin Luther


Taken at the Outback Property, far west of Central Tableland in New South Wales. My first outback experience.
31 July 2012


In Quiet Waters

“Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.” ~Hans Marigolds

Wonboyn Lake

Taken in Wonboyn Lake of the Far South Coast.


“…walk on water and on land.”

Land and water - in blessings abound.

“When you think about yearning to walk on water, remember it is a blessing to be able to walk on land!” ~ Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

Life in the Bush

Originally posted in May 26, 2009 from a defunct blog, Australia: Quadrat in Focus – this is my pictorial memoir taken during my brief Summer holiday over at Wilson’s farm, Clifton Grove, Orange, New South Wales.

Visible from Ophir Road

Donned in robe on a chilly breaking of dawn, I sneaked out from my room, while everybody was still asleep. Here I watched in silence as the day slowly came forth from darkness. I savored the country’s stillness to find solitude, feeling at peace with my soul. This is a Hay Farm for animal stock feeds.

When sunrise finally burst out from the east, the clouds formed a prismatic filter for the light to diffuse in the sky.

The beams were gladly received by the clouds. And darkness paved way for the light to prevail. Soft cool breeze was next to loveliness and kissed my grateful spirit; its own expression of gratitude that someone like me would rise up to watch the sky from dawn to light.

A Country Practice – the view of a country farm.

I bleat to call their attention. They turned around, bleat back and stood still for this pose.

I am truly grateful to the Wilson’s Family for having me in their rural property in Orange. This is to show you Marilyn and Peter and family how much I thoroughly enjoyed my stay with you there. It was a pleasure to see Phillip, the grandchildren and Sharon. I am very blessed knowing you. I love you all. Thanks for looking after me and providing me a memorable experience. Godspeed!~lcd.

A dash of clouds

..Again with my humble 4.0 pixels Canon digicam, this picture was
taken sometime in May 2007. I was viewing the ocean from the balcony at
Whale Beach when I looked over my right shoulder, this scenic skyline
captured my interest.


Postcard from Canberra

My very first time to see Canberra was in 1987 when the Philippine Embassy sent us invitation to attend a Christmas Party there. My fiance and I along with his daughter, Judy, went to attend and to meet other Filipinas outside Orange as well as to acquaint ourselves with the Embassy.

I have vague memory of that affair now but it was a delightful and enjoyable experience for all of us. I loved the little market flea they incorporated in the Christmas Party. It was kind of Australian fete. My future step-daughter then was really amazed of the way the party was conducted especially because there were too much food laid on the table which she never had seen in her entire life.

The Parliament House via Northbourne Avenue

The Parliament House via Northbourne Avenue

I took this picture during our second visit to Canberra after our wedding. My ex husband parked the car along Northbourne Avenue for a rest after a long drive to get refreshed at the same time, he studied the map one more time before we went around the circle.

Parliament House location

Parliament House location

Capital Hill, ACT

Canberra has its own special landscape different to any other states. It is a territory within a state and is called Australian Capital Territory to which Canberra is the capital. Here’s a very educational link to learn about the Parliament House.

More detailed tourism info can be found here.. Canberra is also called the Australia’s Culture Portal packed with its own history and for what it stands today.

More readings, more interesting things to do, and more events are to be found in The Home of Australian Story.

Canberra is also known for its biggest annual event called Floriade that brings influx of visitors here and abroad to view their exquisite garden display of flowers in thousands of beds of various themes. The first time I ever had been to the Floriade was in 1996 when our friend Frank Lada took us there. Before us, was a vast expanse of acreage of Tulips and other floral display which was truly huge and awesome!

Then I went into this temporary Info Centre and Gallery where I saw beautiful Aboriginal artworks and photography depicting the making of this beautiful Capital called Canberra; derived from an Aboriginal word, “Kamberra” meaning meeting place. One more facts about Canberra..

My children Lily and Noemi did have a wonderful time exploring all avenues of kid’s amusement and sure did love their mini train cart ride that went around the entire track of the Floriade.

An enjoyable ride at the Floriade 1996

An enjoyable ride at the Floriade 1996

Vicky of Postcards n Stamps Plus from Sabah, Malaysia has posted my postcard which I sent her not long ago.

The Australian Continent

The Australian Continent

When I saw this postcard being posted on her blog, she gave me an idea what to post today. So with my old photo which I took a little over two decades ago that I found in my archive, I dashed off here and dusted off my framework to work on a new post.

Happy weekend!